Why Women Need Self Defense Products

Personal alarms are loud with a siren-like sound when you activate. These devices are very compact and can be easily carried in your pocket, purse or on your belt. Many also come equipped with a flashlight or built-in flashing lights so you may attract more attention to the situation at hand. A few styles come with a wrist strap to wear around your wrist or to attach to any door or window. Personal alarms are very easy to operate; you either push a button or pull the cord.

But that’s not all! You’ll also learn what UV Dye is, and whether or not free shipping exists when you buy defensive sprays online. It is only after you learn all that that you can consider your pepper spray buying knowledge to be truly complete (assuming you’ve already read the two previous articles). So, let’s get started!

Use plug in night lights in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and any other location where mom might travel after dark. They have night lights that are flat against the wall and only come on after dark but provide enough illumination to see if there is an obstacle in the way.

They developed a tremendous track record with military and law enforcement use. Next time you see a police officer look at his utility belt or ask him why he carries a pepper spray and some kind of stun device. He’ll tell you that they’re very effective in subduing criminals without resorting to deadly force.

Everyone in your party should carry a personal alarm. They are inexpensive and can be carried in your hand, in your pocket or even clipped to your belt. Make sure that you instruct everyone what to do when they hear the alarm go off.

Be safe from so-called date rape. Do not drink anything unless you see it being prepared in front of you. Do not leave your drink on the table while you are on the dance floor or ladies room. Finish your drink first or do not drink it at all. Never accept a drink from someone whom you hardly know or trust. This is extremely important. Again, I repeat, do not drink anything unless you watch it being mixed or see the bottle opened. (I cannot repeat this enough times.) Never leave your drink unattended. If, by chance you do, then do NOT drink it.

If your daughter is on a date and the guy tries something that she’s not happy with, a camouflaged pepper spray such as a lipstick or a pager will do the trick. These items look just like the real McCoy. He’ll never know what hit him until he’s on his knees coughing and wheezing. Then she should set off her personal alarm to attract attention, run away and call 911.