When Guerrilla Marketing Fails

Carbon Copy Pro (“CCPro”) is not a network marketing business of itself. It is the online marketing arm that supports business network Wealth Masters International (“WMI”). WMI’s product line focuses on financial education information and instruction. In this article, I will review only CCPro.

Available Resources – Look at the available resources you have. Need a street team to distribute your marketing material? Consider looking in-house first. This is perhaps the best way to save the largest amounts of money. Recruit your employees and pay them overtime, or perhaps give them an extra vacation day to make up for the day that they worked for you.

My friend, I want you to be excited about being on the platform and sharing your passion and knowledge with your audience. I want you to be excited about solving their problems and moving them to take positive action AFTER your presentation so their lives are transformed.

Promoting an online business may be the hardest, most time-consuming aspect of success. You need to let people know what your product does, what it can do for them, and let them know what they are going to get. How are you going to draw your customer in? What methods will you use? How do you get them in a buying frenzy for your product or service? Will you use Wild Posters techniques to your advantage? In other words, setting up a marketing funnel to tease the prospect, let them know what’s in it for them, and make it easy for them to buy from you is a priority.

D. Many social sites have blogs. This is a perfect spot to write some original content or even paste an article you may have collecting dust on your hard drive. Some of these blogs allow for html code, so be sure to utilize it with a link or two pointing back to your site. Be sure the article or blog entry has some important keywords, and be sure to put keywords in you anchor text of your links.

One thing you will find is extremely few online marketers are using direct mail to obtain people to their websites. You can even make it really simple and do some postcard marketing which can really work well. When you do this, you always want to avoid direct selling and instead you want to get them to visit your site. This could be called a two action process, and it is still guerrilla in that you are doing something different; offline to online. But you do want to create curiosity and hopefully that will make them want to check it out.

Ask for referrals. Asking for referrals is one of the most overlooked yet powerful tactics for getting fresh leads. And they are warmer to you, because you can mention your referrer by name.

So in a nutshell article marketing does not take a lot of effort. It does, however, take some time or money. Your own situation will determine which is better for you.