Wedding Toasts – The Tradition

Bring a travel booster seat. Actually, this is a good tip even if you’re not going to a wedding during your Paris trip. Paris doesn’t really “do” high chairs, and while occasionally you’ll find a restaurant with one or two chaises hautes (high chairs), it definitely is not the norm. I’ve seen jet-lagged, stressed-out guests literally break down in tears when I’ve told them that the wedding venue didn’t have a high chair for their child. Don’t be that mama- bring a booster seat. Since most Paris cafe’s have bistro tables with pedestal legs, the boosters that strap onto the seat of the chair work better here than those that clamp onto the table.

Decide your budget – This is very important. Before zeroing upon a venue you must first decide how much money do you want to spend on the venue? Most of the times the money that is actually spent always exceeds the budget. One must always plan to spend only 75% of the actual budget. There are several Luxury Wedding reception venues available but one must find out if those are within your wedding budget.

I won’t bore you with the technicalities but for those Luxury Wedding events who aren’t technologically inclined it is often best to find someone who specializes in making websites to do the whole process for you. If you are familiar with building a website, there are companies on the web who let you do the work and just supply you with the needed registration.

I chose the Blackened Ribeye Dinner. This is the way to eat a great steak. Blackened with cajun spices and topped off with a 1/2 pound of Dungeness Crab with lemon garlic butter drizzled over it and mashed potatoes and vegetables. For the excellence of this dish the price was nominal. I was very impressed with this meal.

Third, you have to really give more attentions to the emotions and the details on the wedding day. A good wedding photographer captures not only the pictures of the Wedding Marquee Hire, but also the feelings of the people in those events. Besides, special touches presented in each wedding should be captured as well.

Almost every woman thinks there will be a more suitable and beautiful dress after they have chosen a nice one.So they try one by one,finally,just be very confused which one is the best.And even think no dress is suitable for her,and feel sad.

Remember this is your wedding day and it’s not the amount of money you spend on it that makes it special, it’s the friends and loved ones you are surrounded by when you say “I do”. This is what will make it the truly magical day you wish for and that you will all remember for ever.