Three Games Worth Looking Into This Holiday Season

Have you ever been working “in the zone”, writing your how-to book at break neck speed? The words are just flowing out and everything is going hunky-dory? Then it happens… the phone rings or the kids come in screaming that “Johnny hit me!” That’s right the dreaded interruption.

A lot of people think that if they find a call of duty 4 download online that it is an acceptable way to get the game. This is untrue. A call of duty zombies for free 4 download found online is usually fake, or not the game, or is the game with many malfunctions. This type of cheating is not recommended.

Now try to prove me wrong, but I feel like guys are obsessed with movies. This is one thing that I can always count on to get a teenage boy if I have no other ideas. In fact, I tend to get DVD’s for both my brother and boyfriend each year. Yes that’s repetitive, but the boys loves movies and I am happy that I have an easy present to give them.

The graphics in the game are near spotless. However the reason they do not get a 10/10 is because of the darkness in the gameplay which can heed the graphics a little bit, as well as there were very little changes from call of duty games of Duty Modern Warfare. There are a couple nice perks in the graphics that have come with World at War, but they are the little things that make the difference. Still the graphics are almost impeccable.

Activision is hosting the free weekend set call of duty app to run from January th to the th just in time to get people into the game before the DLC drops on February st.

Halo has always offered a very solid shooter experience, and this game looks no different. There are some gamers who are perhaps a little worried that Bungie is no longer running things, but 343 industries did a great job with the Halo anniversary, and the footage shown at E3 really does look like these guys know what they are doing.

With the Kinect, an upgrade for Xbox 360 that allows users to use their body as the controller, you can video chat with friends through your system as well.