The Dhow Cruise Abu Dhabi Is One Of The Most Exciting Trips On A Tour To The City

Are you planning on a desert safari in Dubai or are you just about to leave for one? Get ready for a fun-filled, adventurous and memorable day. Most people might be tempted to think that the desert could not possibly have anything to offer. That could not be further from the truth. The Dubai desert is a marvelous, magical place, whether day or night. Driving over the desert trail sends the blood rushing, even before getting to the dune bashing part-which can get a little bumpy.

Accidents can happen anytime, but if you take a hummer on your dubai desert safari safari tour, rest assured that you are much safer because this vehicle has a stronger built than any other vehicles.

It has become famous among the people for various reasons. The adventure into the desert gives the people a chance to spend a nice time away from the noise and monotony of the city. But the people who are going for a adventure in the deserts don’t have to face any sort of discomfort. The whole journey is conducted in a vehicle whose interior temperatures are fully controlled. There are various options for the desert adventure in Dubai. The person can choose the type of safari according to his preference. The person should take factors like availability of time to visit the places when he goes to choose the options. While he is spending his time in the desert he gets enough time to ride the camels, enjoy cuisine of the desert and take photographs. The people can easily come back to the city.

Being high up in the trees gives you a birds eye view of the world, and each region you explore this way is going to be different. This certainly qualifies as adventure travel, but it’s not nearly as scary or dangerous as many other activities that involve heights -e.g. skiing, rock climbing, skydiving, etc. This is a form of travel that was unknown a few years ago but has Desert Safari Offer taken the world by storm recently.

Flying to Dubai is easy. It is well connected by one of the largest airlines in the world known as Emirates. Emirates are also the main sponsor of Dubai shopping festival. It offers discounted travel as well accommodation packages. From all this it may seem like Dubai is a destination available exclusively for high end luxury seeking customers. The good news is that this is not the case. In fact, there are plenty of budget tour packages available for people who are looking forward to a visit to Dubai. One such company that offers such packages is Fly Dubai. This is a low cost airline started nearly three years ago and they offer tickets to Dubai for a bargain.

Our vehicle stopped near replica Bedouin styles camp, we got off from our vehicles and moved to these camps for taking rest. We had been offered fresh juices and drinks by friendly and courteous staff of tour operator. After eating fruits, our body energy restored and I enjoyed exciting experience of sand boarding with my kids and wife. Once we done with this activity, we moved around the camps and we saw many stalls of local items there. My daughter paid a few riyals for getting her hands painted with henna tattoos while my son inclined toward camel riding. Our trip ended with sun set and we had been dropped off by company staff. In short, our Dubai was full of fun and joy.

It was not possible to accept what is being offered to us. We approached the manager in the camp, after having a long argument.. no result… finally we decided to call the Police, when the management realized that police is informed the matter, the camp management immediately taken us back to the hotel and asked to speak to the travel desk. We approached the travel desk they also refused to pay the money. Then the matter has gone to higher level management of the hotel, finally after a long fight… we got the full refund.

Sand boarding is another good option for people with an adventure spirit. You can enjoy the sport by doing it yourself or watching a sand boarding event in the city.