Suitcase Movie Premieres

The bulk of Regular 8, 16mm and super 8 films have no sound. The super 8 was the latest format and it had no audio until 1973. By the way, you can tell if a film has sound because the film features a magnetic tape that looks like a thin copper strip running along one edge. It was a big deal when sound film came out in 1973, but it was short lived.

The regular 8mm is the film format used since 1930s. Until today, some of these films still exist because the owner may have been very careful. However, these films may not last for a lifetime. Making the necessary arrangement to proceed with Transfer 8mm Film to DVD may preserve your precious film collections, some of them may be your own creations.

The movie has spanned generations. Parents still share it and sing the songs with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was released before I was born, my mom shared it with me when I was around eight and the songs and story are embedded in my heart.

On the other hand, life becomes fresh and full and vitally alive when we care for our awareness. And now, you have to ask, “How do I care for my awareness? That is the most beautiful part of it all. You take care of your awareness by becoming more aware! How simple can that be? You strengthen awareness by using it.

“Brazil:” The Criterion Collection. Most of the mainstream crowd has not even heard of this Terry Gilliam masterpiece. The story behind the film production and how it almost never got released is as interesting as the film itself. All of this is covered in this impressive 3 disc collection. We are also blessed with the director approved cut as well as the original studio cut. The amount you can learn from these three discs is pretty impressive. It is also all very well done and easy to follow.

Closely related to this is rule #3: avoid “hunting” with the camcorder. We’ve all seen shots where the camera is panning to the left surveying the scene only to change direction and pan back to the right again, then no, maybe what it is looking for is down, let’s zoom in for a second, darn it moved out of the shot, let’s follow it putting everything out of focus, well heck, we seem to be looking at a blank wall, and with a shake of the camera, it’s turned off finally, followed by a totally unrelated shot taken hours later.

After spending a tidy sum on a camcorder and tapes, it’s important to take care of the priceless memories on those tapes. So before you just toss tapes filled with home videos of family vacations, little league games and the kids growing-up in a desk drawer, keep these simple tips in mind. You’ll be glad you did.