Solar Tutorial – Amps & Volts

Who hasn’t heard of Black & Decker? This is one of the industry leaders in the manufacturing of electric and power tools. It is also one of the most trusted names in lawn care products. Black and Decker has two types of garden mowers – cordless and electric in its range.

As you might have guessed, these types are more expensive than the standard variety. However, they make great ATV batteries because you never have to add water to them.

In this method, the constant voltage is applied across the cells, connecting them in parallel. The charging current varies according to the state of the charge of each battery. The batteries to be charged are connected in 6 or 12 volt units across the positive and negative bus bars i.e. mains supply. When the battery is first connected, a high charging current flows but as the terminal voltage of the battery increases, the charging current reduces automatically. At the end of the full charge, the voltage of the battery is equal to the voltage of the bus bars and no current flows. The charging time required is much less in this method.

Gassing: When the cell is fully charged, it starts liberating the gas freely. In reconditioning a battery the hydrogen is liberated at cathode while oxygen at the anode. Gassing is a good indication of fully charged battery. Some acid particles may go out with the gases hence the charging room must be kept well ventilated.

The Brinkmann 800-2235-1 is powered by a 6-volt reconditioning battery. This rechargeable battery can power the halogen bulb up to seven hours. It can power the LED up to 16 hours when it is fully charged.

Sometime, the power generated by the solar panels may not be sufficient to meet the demand from your home usage. Therefore, the energy created by the solar array has to be pooled or stored in the battery bank.

There are some books that are available that will teach you how to do this and it can be done at home. It does not require any special skills to do it or learn how to do it. If you want to save yourself some money or help out others save money then this may be worth checking out.