Six Tips To Sharpen Your Connecting Skills Online

Motherlode by Lisa Belkin is the New York Times Mom Blogger. She is humorous and she does not shy away from controversial topics. She always has something worthwhile to discuss. Motherlode is the source to go to for the hottest parenting news. She also opens her blog up to guest bloggers.

2 Money goes into prizes rather than advertising. Mom bloggers jump on the chance to host good contests. Most of the time, the bloggers do not even expect to be compensated for publicizing the contests because the bloggers themselves get a great deal of traffic out of the giveaways. As a result, the contest sponsors can put more money into the prizes, making them more desirable.

Google “single mom blog” and you get roughly 28 million results. “Single mom” seems to be something single moms all want to write about, blog about, talk about. Maybe it is because they are hoping to tell their stories and get support via comments from readers. Maybe it is because they want to publicly bash their ex-husbands and their new girlfriends, as a form of therapy. Maybe it is simply to share stories about their children, intended to be read by those closest to them. Maybe it is an attempt to make a little extra money, in hopes of being able to stay home with their children more often.

Why are they so great? Well, think about it. Mom’s have their finger on the pulse of so many things. They know what products are hot for kids and families. They are notorious bargain shoppers. They are great cooks on shoestring budgets. And a lot of them a very crafty!

Do you have a downline? Do your downline members have websites? I keep track of my teams personal and business sites and peuterbed kopen on another tab. I want to support my team by commenting on blogs, offering tips on websites etc. So, I keep a list of their sites, sorted by team member name.

4) Distribute information. Have takeaways on hand to give out on the day of the event. If you’re able to get samples of cloth diapers, consider giving them away as prizes (people love free stuff, be sure to tease that when you promote). Send people away with purchase information and brand names so they can do their own research, too.

Once you’re established and as you work to improve your blog, think of ways to separate yourself from other blogs in your niche. For instance, I recently launched “Blog Popz,” which is a blogger recognition program. Rather than a Valentine’s gift guide which I knew other mom blogs would already be creating, I tried to think of how to have some fun with Valentine’s Day while keeping it unique. Fantasy Book Lists is an example of brand new blog doing everything right.