Personal Alarms – Don’t Leave Home Without One

Safety issues are always a concern in the home of a senior and also something for you to think about if you are looking for a retirement home. Being concerned with safety in your parent’s home is like being a detective. If you see mom almost trip over a throw rug then you will either tack that rug down or immediately remove it. It is the less obvious areas that can rise up and bite us.

Telephone communications are important to mom, whether it is calling out or receiving calls from family. There are inexpensive phone systems available that have multiple cordless hand sets. If you have enough of these in the rooms that she lives in including the bathroom then the phone will be no more then a few steps away when it rings.

As I have said many times over, if you are approached by an attacker make as much noise as you can. But what if you are grabbed from behind and the attacker covers your mouth? Personal Alarms are very inexpensive devices that you carry in a pocket, on your belt, or even in your hand and when you pull a small pin it activates an ear piercing siren sure to scare away even the most determined of criminals. Some personal alarms even have built in strobe lights that will temporarily blind and disorient an attacker. Many of these devices can be easily adapted to act as door and window guards as well.

Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you. Try to make your purchases using a personal check, credit card, or ATM card if you can. When you do have to pay with cash only pull out what is needed. Keep the rest of your money hidden from view. Save your most expensive purchases for last, so you can head straight home afterward.

Get attention. If an assailant is relying on darkness for cover, illuminating the area with a flashlight–possibly attracting the attention of someone nearby–might be enough of a deterrent to discourage further pursuit. Again, use yelling or a personal alarm for women to create as much of a ruckus as possible.

Carry something that could be used as a weapon. Keys are an obvious choice, but aren’t actually that useful -an attacker would have to get pretty close to you before you could use them. An umbrella or even a purse can be used to hit someone. If you make yourself a difficult victim, you’re less likely to become a victim. Carry pepper spray and as soon as you feel uncomfortable, pull it out of your purse.

If you find yourself answering online dating service ads you need to be extremely careful. ALWAYS arrange meetings in public places. Never allow yourself to be trapped in a private location arranged by a stranger. Make sure a close friend or relative knows where you will be meeting and at what time. These meetings are best arranged in the daytime as opposed to in the evening or later at night. Pepper Spray is a must in this situation. One of the disguised models, such as a spray hidden in a lipstick case would be perfect. A personal alarm would also be recommended.