Mad Men Inspired Fashion – A Guide To Feminine, 60’S-Style Dressing

Want the real vintage look without the oh-so-real, not-so-vintage inflation prices? Most of us know that because of inflation a dress that cost $12.95 in 1950 would cost about $100 today, but why pay that much for something that has been used for 60 years?! You shouldn’t! We’re not talking cars or a dress that was actually worn by Marilyn herself. We’re talking about a dress that someone’s aunt wore while baking pies in her kitchen in Queens, NY, that just so happens…to be timeless. Here are the best stores in Atlanta to get that Lana Turner look at prices you’ll love!

OYou should also visit thrift shops or second hand stores. Usually there are very unique pieces in these shops and that is what you are aiming to achieve. You can buy azulejos vintage online from the 60s, 70s, and 80s at a very low price. They are also hard to find. There is a very slim chance that there is another person wearing the same clothes. You can buy printed or graphic tees or bold patterns and colors. You can mix and match clothes that you buy from these shops. Make sure to look at all the clothes closely so that you will see if there are damages.

Craigslist allows you to search specific cities, and you can often find good deals if you broaden your search a little more. Driving 1-2 hours to the next city can help you find some great bargains by opening up even more sellers. When looking for furniture, I found the perfect end tables at less than half what they would cost retail. The only catch was that they were in another city. By the time I factored in the cost of gas I was still able to save money and find some unique pieces vintage online that I loved.

Men, on the other hand, dress their hides with butterfly collar shirts, blazers, and sports coats. They also have their hot pink shirt and tie and knit dress shirts that make a powerful statement in the boardroom. On the dance floors, they rave in hot retro styles. Now who says men can’t go retro? Once they flash out a pocket watch, the picture is finally connected to the last missing dot.

Holiday Trail of Lights Christmas Train. Twilight journey on an old-fashioned steam train is fund for the family. Five miles of twinkling lights will delight passengers. There will be singing of Christmas Carols on the train. The event runs weekends through December 23. Jefferson & Cypress Bayou Train Depot.

Adding a little flare to your existing wardrobe does not have to cost a fortune. Vintage clothing stores are full of gently used pieces from as far back as the 1920’s to as near as yesterday. Almost anything goes in a vintage clothing store. The best part is that you get to purchase these great finds at a huge discount from the original price because they are not brand new. Most vintage clothing stores will only sell clothing in good condition that are free of any stains or rips. So, the next time you are in the mood to liven up your existing wardrobe, take a look at some of these great local Boise, Idaho vintage clothing stores.

Silver Spoon Antiques is a great local shop to look for vintage clothing. While their main inventory is items for the house, they carry a variety of antique and vintage clothing. Best of all, they have quite a few display cases full of vintage jewelry. Their jewelry is neatly organized and reasonably priced. The inventory at Silver Spoon Antiques is constantly changing, so you should definitely check them out more than once. Silver Spoon Antiques is located at 37 East Cross Street, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 48198. . You can buy, sell, or trade vintage clothing here. They cater to both men and women. They can be reached at (734) 327-2979.