Looking After Your Car’s Oil

A brake failure is usually the result of the owner’s failure to follow proper maintenance intervals. Checking your brake pads is easily done, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to insure your own safety.

How about some interior fixd app tips that make it easier on your olfactory nerve! If you’re adventurous you may want to replace your cabin air filter. The life of these filters is between 15 and 30,000 miles depending on the car maker. They range in price from $18 for one that fits some GM trucks to $28 for a Honda CRV. Most auto parts stores have charts indicating the difficulty of replacement and possibly the location of the filter. If you’re serious go to Cabin Air Filter, Are You Up To It? on Associated Content for detailed instructions.

A recent survey suggested that most people rushing off to work prefer buying coffee from Starbucks as a substitute for breakfast compared to any other coffee outlets. These latte, coffee and cappuccino habit can cause you a fair amount of money. Why not give up your addiction for expensive coffee when you car maintenance tips can make your very own caffeine in a cup at home! This way, you can save a dollar or two everyday!

Transmission fluid should be checked regularly. The fluid should be changed every 36,000 miles. If the head gasket leaks, your coolant will leak into the oil system. This is an extremely costly repair, so have them checked regularly to prevent this issue.

Finally, do not wait for the car to send warning signals. Any car maintenance and repair job might be too late then. Instead, periodically check the belts and hoses exhaust clamps and supports and replace them whenever deemed necessary.

Keep the inside of your car looking clean. Vacuum the car, put down some floor mats, and considers putting seat covers into your car if you feel it is especially at risk of spill or dirt. Although this won’t affect the performance or lifespan of the car it will improve the resale value if you can keep the interior looking as good as new.

Clean the car: We all feel proud with our shiny and glittering cars. The best way to maintain a car is to wash it and clean it on a regular basis. Look into the areas that are more prone to dirt such as tires, cup holder and dash board. Clean with good cleaning product that contains anti-bacterial agent. Clean the leather seats of the car at least once a month or two. It is best to use the cleaner, especially made for leather to eradicate stubborn dirt and stains.