Improve Your Living Room Decor With Nautical Tables

Hip-Hop as we know it today is all about the MC. In the mid-1980’s the rapper was pushed to the forefront of Hip-Hop culture leaving the DJ, B-Boy, and graffiti artist in the dust.

The Jail Cottage was a four cell facility built in 1884 and serving the community of Taylors Falls, Minnesota. The jail is in its original location. This building was also used for other operations through the turn table years including a stint as an ice house. The iron door and window bars are still in place but a woodburning fireplace, a private upper deck, and a full kitchen have been added for guest comfort.

In my travels, from time to time I would be in thrift stores which sold used vinyl albums. I started looking through them. Finding records without scratches is a chore. Each store has a core of albums that every thrift shop carries. (or is stuck with, as the case may be) Christmas albums, Mitch Miller, Lawrence Welk, Ray Coniff, and several others were in great supply.

I asked the flight attendant gave me two first class, linen napkins. As soon as the captain turned off the seatbelt sign I took Jackson to the lavatory. No changing Search turntables. No counter top. Oh, no!

Make every item in your room count. Instead of layering the room in objects and collections, use the sculptural or colorful quality of even everyday objects to make a statement.

If a piece is not broken but you can still see the interior, you can use the same way of testing. If the piece is not broken and you can’t see the interior then you have to go by appearance and feel.

Parenting is rewarding and worthy but you will be put to the test throughout the process. Communicate with your child as often as you can. It conveys love, respect, support and concern. As a parent, you are their first teachers – and their first cheerleaders. Get to know them as you help them grow.