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2) Video Recording- Apple has blessed us with this kind of an awesome device but still there are some programs that are not provided by them. Video clip recording facility is not available in Apple iphone. If you jailbreak Iphone you can turn Iphone digital camera into video digital camera for video recording by utilizing Cycorder.

Would you like SMS and MMS messages utilizing your Android telephone? Do not get what I ask? Much more simply: do you text? If you do, you must hand Cent SMS to get Android. In short, it takes your telephone totally new level and dimension texting. Believe me, if you use this application for a whilst, you’ll question how you lived without it for so long!

Unlocking Advantages: If your Iphone is unlocked you will be in a position to use inexpensive local SIM playing cards in your Apple iphone or you cam make phone calls at less expensive rates. 1 can use various SIM cards on his/her gadget. We know that Apple has supported only 1 community AT&T community, which means that you can’t use other networks. But after jailbreaking you can use any networks anywhere in the world. It do not make any modifications in your device , it just allows your gadget to accept any Sim card.

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