Discover In Your Golf Swing The Secret Magic Move That Golf Instructors Are Hiding

At Texas A&M University, there are twelve men on the Aggies’ offensive and defensive football squads. The “12th man” is the crowd of 83,000 in Kyle Field, cheering, roaring and, for all 60 minutes, up on their feet. In Seattle and Indianapolis, home field advantage is huge because of crowd noise that makes it nearly impossible for opposing offenses to call their plays and audibles. The fans at Fenway intimidate pitchers to the point where some of them, like John Lackey of the Angels, have lost their confidence when pitching in the Hub.

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Close your eyes and envision yourself swinging the club for a long drive. Feel your shoulders, back, hips, elbows and knees. Almost every muscle group and joint in your body is involved in hitting the golf ball. A program of strength, flexibility and conditioning is vital to improving your game and preventing golf related injury.

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Not so interested in learning Tiger Woods golf techniques from watching him play? Not a problem! There are also special training videos and DVD’s available designed to teach you his specific moves. These will run you a bit more than just watching the game on TV, but it is worth it to have the techniques explained and demonstrated in plain English with slow motion when necessary. This is one of the better ways to learn Tiger Woods golf techniques.

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