Baking Your Own Bread

If your family enjoys homemade bread, then it is time to enjoy making it again. The West Bend 41300 Hi-Rise Electronic Dual-Blade Breadmaker is the necessary appliance to add to your kitchen to bring home the joy. I hope to show just how advantageous this wonderful breadmaker can be for you.

Electric Slow Cooker: A must in the summer time and for those with gas stoves and ovens. Who wants to heat up the house to cook a meal in the oven? And if you are running an air-conditioner or central air, you are paying big money to cool the house while simultaneously heating the house as well. Look for the largest slow cooker that you can find. I have a large Hamilton-Beach Meal Maker, priced at $40, the biggest one available. It has an aluminum heating unit with a large covered ceramic pot insert. I can remove the ceramic dish for serving and taking outdoors.

Put all the other ingredients, except the yeast, into a bowl. Stir, then pour into the Mesin Pendingin pan. Make a well in the top of the dry ingredients and add the yeast. If you do not want to delay the baking, mix the yeast in with the dry ingredients.

Electric Washing machine and Clothes Dryer: The gas clothes dryer is the single largest user of natural gas. Converting to electric washer and dryer makes green sense and financial cents.

Make sure you check to see if your breadmaker offers dual kneading paddles. The superior mixing of the dough makes this feature worth the few extra dollars it may cost you. Without proper kneading and mixing, a breadmaker will tend to produce very poor quality loaves. Who wants poor quality bread? So why risk it?

The bread foo machine’s best feature is its “dough” setting where the machine does most of the hard work associated with bread making. All you do is: add the ingredients (liquids first, dry ingredients second, and yeast at the top); push a button or two; and allow the machine to mix, knead, and raise the dough. Be sure to check the dough during the first 10-15 minutes of the mixing cycle. If the dough is not elastic or a bit sticky, then you will need to add more flour or liquid (depending on the recipe and the dough consistency it requires). Additionally, some recipes may have ingredients (such as raisins) that might need to be added after the dough has mixed for a bit.

You can make three different loaf sizes with the Breadman TR2500BC. They include 1, 1.5, and 2 pound loaves. The machine also has a crust control system so that you can make the crust color to your liking. You can choose between light, medium, and dark crusts.

Again, if you do not make the bread right away, put the yeast in a well on top of the dry ingredients in your bread machine pan. Otherwise stir it in with the dry ingredients.