2012 La Music Critic Award

I have now been married for seventeen years to the same woman. Her name is Marina, but I call her Rose. I’ll tell you why later in case it doesn’t become obvious.

Napoleon Hill began writing “Think And Grow Rich” back around 1908 when there were roughly 500 extremely wealthy people in America. The whole idea of finding common denominators between the wealthy is absolutely perfect for “breaking the code” or understanding certain things that must be done in order to succeed.

In colleges, women are just starting the mate selection process, and the process is sped up by the fact that everyone is sharing a particular lifestyle.

The Brennans of Clannad – Who you ask. The Celtic band Clannad has included two sets of siblings: the Brennans and the Duggans, but we’ll focus on the Brennnans. The Brennans are Ireland’s most successful music family with combined sales of over 90 million records. That sounds like a Slim Whitman sort of TV commercial claim (“He’s sold more records than Elvis and The Beatles.”), but it’s true. Factor in Clannad’s releases with lead singer Moya’s solo albums and other sister Enya’s solo work, and you’ve got an impressive family tree.

I struggled for a while attempting to find production that fit my budget until eventually I discovered soundclick. Sounclick had been a great start for me but after time soundclick begun to get very saturated and I found a great deal people with the same beats I had. That actually annoyed me because I wanted to be taken seriously about my music. Plus the majority of the beats on that website usually are not mixed well. I come to understand this the hard way. I recorded a song which had been very popular but because of the poor quality of the beat it never had the opportunity for radio. That was one of my best matokeo ya form four, and it never stood a chance on account of poor mixing.

Improving memory can be achieved by relearning how take notes. Get a pen and write down the things you want to remember later. Most of the time, we have pens but no papers with us. There is always the hand to write on of course this is not effective if you have sweaty palms. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a small piece of paper handy.

Therefore after dealing with a lot of internet sites, with wack producers, and wack beats I did a google seach on rap beats and found out about a great site. Since that time I have released 5 mix tapes and have been on radio stations by using this same site. The best part about it I leased almost all my beats from their website and paid merely 29.99 for a track that got me on the radio with almost no budget. I’m now getting paid shows around my area and have been in contact with several A&R’s from major labels.

There were many days like those first two. Nights of conversation, dancing, and dinner with Geno and Seychelle…long walks in the garden that eventually led to my returning to the art I had given up for my suit. My Rose changed me, and when I asked her to marry me a year later, I gave her a ring.